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FinTechNZ active in shaping NZ ecosystem


This week, FinTechNZ were party to the release of the Tech Manifesto 2017, the outcome of which, if acted upon by government and industry, will significantly advance the ecosystem for and accelerate adoption of all tech innovation.

This has been an important piece of work for New Zealand and was done collaboratively over a number of months together with NZTech and 16 other leading tech industry associations and professional bodies.

A copy of the report was sent to every Member of Parliament as well as key government officials across multiple agencies, since technology pervades all parts of our economy and society, and our prosperity is inextricably linked to how we embrace our future as a digital nation.

The manifesto emphasises 12 goals which represent areas of work and collaboration for both government and industry that will enable all Kiwis to prepare for and seize opportunities that will shape our digitally enabled future, as well as our place of relevance in the technologically connected world.

The goals outlined in the manifesto are:

  1. New Zealand equips every child with the digital technology skills needed to be safe and successful in a digital world through comprehensive digital technology education.
  2. New Zealand is recognised as a world leader in equipping its citizens for the changing economy, through in-work training, career transition support, and public sector leadership in the use of new technologies.
  3. New Zealand remains open for business, welcoming genuine skilled migrants in areas of strong need in the digital and technology sector while significantly improving the process of matching the skills of potential immigrants with areas of un-met need.
  4. New Zealanders have affordable access to reliable, high-speed internet, coupled with the skills and equipment to use it. As part of this, there should be parity between urban and rural areas with regards to speed / quality and cost.
  5. New Zealand is recognised as having one of the most digitally savvy economies in the world, with tech product and service exports being our top export sector. The majority of New Zealand businesses either sell or engage in business online.
  6. New Zealand continues to be a world leading nation to do business in and with whilst maintaining privacy and data security. This is achieved through a world leading approach to cyber security including education, policy and preparedness.
  7. New Zealand develops world leading technology by increasing the proportion of digital tech related public research and improving indirect incentives for industry research and development.
  8. New Zealand develops a transparent framework for buyers and sellers through government wide prequalification standards and low cost, easy to use procurement processes.
  9. New Zealand fully embraces open standards and provides a level playing field for technology in general, and IT services in particular.
  10. New Zealand continues to be recognised internationally as a bastion for privacy, a country which values and protects the privacy of its citizens through policy whilst still allowing economic growth.
  11. New Zealand embraces online digital tools to provide efficient, consultative and inclusive policy-making process or allowing for rapid updating of legislation.
  12. New Zealand establishes a dedicated, Ministry for the Future, focusing on positioning New Zealand and all government agencies and society to take best advantage of a technologically enabled future.

Successful implementation of the above will directly contribute to advancing the New Zealand ecosystem for financial innovation and technology development, making Kiwi FinTech more accessible and adoptable.

For more details, the manifesto can be found here.


Mitchell Pham

FinTechNZ Chair

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