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Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket programme is an industry driven programme that aims to support New Zealand FinTechs who are embarking on their scale up journey.

During these unprecedented times, The Golden Ticket Programme will support FinTech startups who are ready for their scale up journey. It is our pleasure to announce Kernel Wealth as our first Golden Ticket holder. Follow their journey on our LinkedIn page.

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Be part of Scale-Up New Zealand

Created from a model that is hugely successful overseas, Scale-Up New Zealand will make it faster and easier for ambitious businesses to find and connect with people and capital and other help they need to grow.  

Scale-Up New Zealand will showcase our innovative businesses, along with the investors, incubators, accelerators, multinationals and others who support or partner with them.  It will also create opportunities for investors and multinationals to connect with innovative New Zealand businesses.

The platform will increase the profile of your company to a local and global audience, and it will make it faster and easier for you to connect with investors, incubators, accelerators and companies you could potentially partner with.  You will be able to use the platform to ask for facilitated introductions to key people and create meaningful connections.

Scale-Up New Zealand will also allow you to conduct market research and validation.  For example, you can analyse other companies in your industry or those in your target market, look at historic funding round information and improve your understanding of market trends in the New Zealand innovation ecosystem.

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