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Aotearoa Open Finance and Digital Equity Report

The Path to Fairer Finance and a More Inclusive New Zealand 

Every sector in our society touches finance at some point; the opportunity for fintech as an enabler is to create new revenue models within each sector. From enterprise to small business, through charity to individuals – the opportunities are vast. 

This report considers how open finance could make Aotearoa’s financial services industry more transparent, equitable and competitive and provide access to more products and solutions, even to those who’re not digitally literate. Moreover, it provides compelling evidence in support of progressive and controlled adoption of open finance – and with-it New Zealand’s position as a global hub for open finance innovators and investors.  

As a society, we must improve our financial and digital literacy skill sets to ensure all New Zealanders can participate in new digital models. This includes reaching diverse demographics with different financial agendas and priorities, ensuring everyone has the access and skills to participate in digital ecosystems, and making sure new models for financial services uphold the values of Te Ao Maori and Te Tiriti. 

FinTechNZ is proud to facilitate this landmark report that will help map the course for the road to Open Finance and Digital Inclusion in Aotearoa. 

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