2024 New Zealand Fintech Pulsecheck report

Deloitte and FintechNZ are delighted to launch the 2024 New Zealand Fintech Pulsecheck.

The financial services sector continues to see rapid change and as we move towards a new horizon of digital enablement, trust and transparency has never been more critical, says the report.

The 2024 Pulsecheck report explores the core challenges facing our industry, particularly data privacy, fraud and trust.

A key insight is the pivotal role of digital identity in building trust between banks and customers. The emphasis on establishing trust through Government and cross-sector collaboration highlights the approach to tackling industry-wide issues. While digital identity is a critical component, enablers including bank partnerships, funding, policy support and attracting talent are necessary for the sector to thrive.

Incoming regulation is paving the way for a diverse range of digital innovations and this presents opportunities for the financial services sector. Our sector is moving beyond compliance and seizing opportunities to enhance customer outcomes and enduring relationships.

Learn more in the 2024 New Zealand Fintech Pulsecheck.