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Scottish partnership established

FinTechNZ has established a partnership with FinTech Scotland. The partnership enables both associations to strengthen their global network.

Scotland is home to a growing, dynamic FinTech ecosystem. FinTech Scotland champions Scotland’s differentiators and provides an opportunity for business creation and growth. Discover what makes Scotland a FinTech hotspot, including their people, financial services cluster and cost efficiencies.

“Establishing global connections is vital for the FinTech industry to develop, mature and scale,” says FinTechNZ, General Manager, James Brown.

“In the same way that we work with local industry and Government for the greater good of FinTech, global partnerships pave the way for better innovation for the industry as a whole. Global collaboration is the way forward and Scotland is a significant player in the FinTech movement and funding circles.”

FinTechNZ and Scotland FinTech signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in February, 2018.

“The Scottish and New Zealanders are renowned for punching above their weight and now we want to work together to produce scalable growth for both countries,” explains James.

FinTechNZ and Scotland FinTech share similar values including inclusion, collaboration and financial innovation. Other global FinTech hubs shouldn’t be viewed as competition, but partners which helps enter new markets. By proactively sharing information, it is also a way to keep up to date with FinTech developments internationally, including policies and regulations. Read more about FinTech Scotland here.


About FinTechNZ:
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