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GITA expand global opportunities for New Zealand


The Global InsurTech Alliance (GITA) further expands its world-wide reach – connecting with new markets and bringing new opportunities for New Zealand InsurTech innovators seeking to collaborate and expand internationally.

Following positive reaction last month when member associations announced the formation of the Global InsurTech Alliance to connect InsurTech communities into a global network, the Alliance has rapidly expanded with new member communities: Switzerland, Germany (Munich) and Ireland, with expressions of interest to join from many others around the world.

Jason Roberts, FinTechNZ Insurance Working Group Lead Coordinator, commented: “One of the core purposes and indeed a vision for the Alliance agreement between FinTechNZ, InsTech London, InsurTech Asia and InsurTech Australia was to foster collaboration and innovation between early member groups. We are already seeing cross pollination of talent and mutual opportunity developing between these member communities.

“In New Zealand’s case, apart from active participation with our rapidly growing membership, we have already seen examples of global reach and scale through GITA. Last month, InsurTechHub Munich invited Auckland-based InsuredHQ to compete globally for the prestigious ‘Goethe InsurTech Awards’. More recently, we have seen the active collaboration between ANZIIF, InsurTech Australia and FinTechNZ to prepare for the upcoming InsurTech Conference in Sydney in early May.”

James Brown, FinTechNZ General Manager, noted: “The NZ InsurTech eco-system is growing exponentially and creating opportunities for focused projects. For example, next month, FinTechNZ will host an event in association with Russell McVeagh, MBIE and the Augen Software Group, to present the NZ InsurTech landscape overview. This event will offer different perspectives and activities from these organisations. Despite the Insurance Working Group in FinTechNZ being only a few months old, there is already tremendous engagement and co-operation. We can see that connecting companies via this one mechanism alone is already fostering innovation and generating business opportunity.”

Internationally, GITA are rapidly building resources and infrastructure to share opportunities across the global landscape. The Alliance is fully committed to make this a success and continue to welcome new member associations and sponsors from around the world.

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The Global InsurTech Alliance (GITA) was formed in January 2018 to support the transformation of the world-wide insurance industry through technology innovation. Its aim is to create a global ecosystem of participating partners, increase collaboration between local InsurTech communities, facilitate connections between insurers, reinsurers innovators and investors and act as advocates for our respective Alliance members. Founding members include InsurTech Australia, InsTech London, FinTech New Zealand and InsurTech Asia.

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