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Binu Paul of PocketWise on the upcoming NZ FinTech Summit 2018


The point I made in my blog post how technology may impact on the incumbents in the financial services sector, about the need for cultural leadership within large organisations, is still an imperative to leveraging the future for most incumbents. This was also echoed through the day over the various sessions last year, at NZ’s pioneering annual FinTech event series FINNOTEC 2017. That’s one thing I have enjoyed most about putting together FINNOTEC over the years – the opportunity to meet with some of the leading thought leaders in the community both here in New Zealand as well as globally. That opportunity is scaling up even more this year!

For the first time in collaboration with FinTechNZ, branded the NZ FinTech Summit 2018, FINNOTEC will be held at the Pullman, Auckland on Thursday 29 November. The event will again take a deep dive into a myriad of FinTech-related topics – including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and regulation, as applied to the financial services sectors such as insurance, funds management, financial advice, payments, and lending. With a focus on real world applications and an express intent on rallying the financial services and technology communities, the event is bringing back its headline act of inviting and showcasing brave new FinTechs as well as established incumbents launching cool new products.

The international perspective from overseas speakers is always a treat and consistent with most of the opportunities and challenges that abound in the New Zealand ecosystem, except that they happen to be at a far larger scale.

Many of our sponsors from previous years are back this year but there are still opportunities to partner with NZ’s premier FinTech event, and get in front of a captive crowd of FinTech enthusiasts – including investors, incumbents, startups, policy makers, and regulators.

If you want to find out more about those opportunities please get in touch with either:
Binu Paul,, or James Brown,

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