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Wellington AI Startup, JRNY, Named in Top 15 Startups in Asia Pacific

New Zealand company, JRNY, has been selected as one of the top 15 startups in the Asia Pacific region to be part of the Money 20/20 Startup Academy.

Money 20/20 is a global fintech conference coming to Singapore this month with big named attendees like Google, Mastercard, Stripe, American Express and Citibank. The Startup Academy gives each company involved unrivalled exposure to financial leaders and forward-thinking investors, and the chance to share their vision for the future of money.  

To be selected for the Startup Academy, the Money 20/20 advisory board firstly picks 100 startup companies that they think have the biggest potential to change the financial world as we know it, and gives them a free ticket to the conference. 15 of those companies are then accepted to present their pitch.

JRNY’s CEO, Michael Lovegrove, will be pitching on the 20th of March to a judging panel consisting of prominent venture capitalist firms.

“Being accepted as one of the top 15 startups in Asia Pacific is huge. Not only does it mean we’re travelling to Singapore to network amongst some heavy hitting global names, but we actually get to pitch our product and showcase how JRNY’s AI-powered digital brokers are delivering real value to the insurance industry.

We’re already working with some big names in insurance across New Zealand, Australia and Asia, but we have the opportunity here to further expose the JRNY brand to over 3,500 attendees, and 300 influential speakers.

– Michael Lovegrove, CEO & co-founder, JRNY

New Zealand is increasingly developing valuable companies that are winning on the global stage, attracting further investment.

“According to the Young Company Finance Index, five times the number of startups raised over $1 million from local investors in the first half of 2018 compared with the same period last year.

We need to encourage local investment – it means little old New Zealand can produce world class valuable companies, which then attracts international investors and contributes to the New Zealand economy.”

– Michael Murphy, Chairman, Ice Angels

JRNY’s AI digital assistants are specifically for insurers, brokers or financial institutions selling insurance, and automate the sale and management of insurance policies. For more information visit:

Contact name: Michael Lovegrove, CEO

Organisation: JRNY

Phone number: +64 27 600 0552


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