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FinTechNZ launches WealthTechNZ


FinTechNZ has established another Working Group to add to the mix, WealthTechNZ was launched at the beginning of April with Augen Software Group hosting the inaugural meeting. Rachel Strevens, Founder and CEO, Invsta, is at the helm and enjoyed fantastic levels of support with 20 people from across the industry attending the initial meeting.

This new Working Group within FinTechNZ has been established to support the needs of the WealthTech sector of NZ, helping to connect, promote and advance the industry. ‘With the strong interest and enthusiasm we have seen early on, this is obviously a big area of interest for many, and we look forward to seeing WealthTechNZ establish itself and grow throughout the year’. We’ll be holding monthly meetings and networking events starting in May, and hope to see many more of you along at these events. 

Thanks to Mitchell Pham, James A Brown, and Jason Roberts for your support to get this going, and to everyone from across the industry that was a part of our launch. Alin Ungureanu, Andrew Logan, Ben Lavender, Candace Kinser, Cat Munro, Clive Fernandes, Damon Murfitt, Guillaume Dehan, Jim Janse, John McConnell, Leanna Kohn-Hardy, Michael Daymond-King, Phil Pieterson, Stephen Upton, and Teresa Pollard.

The first WealthTech networking event will be held in May in Auckland, keep an eye out on the FinTechNZ event page for further details and please get in touch if you have anything to contribute beforehand.

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