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Westpac NZ Government Innovation Fund

Introducing new services and design that makes interacting with the NZ Government surprisingly good

Born out of the All of Government banking tender, the Innovation Fund is a joint programme by the New Zealand Government and Westpac. The Innovation Fund invests in ideas that support government agencies and those working with them, to solve problems and uncover opportunities, big and small.

Twice a year, the Innovation Fund opens its doors for funding requests. Each intake has a different focus and is centred around one or more of the Fund’s themes:

  • Digital Identity
  • Digital Inclusion
  • Optimising Payment Systems and Processes
  • Health & Safety/Crisis Management
  • Data

Applications need to meet some key criteria:

  • A value proposition for the NZ Government
  • A value proposition for Westpac
  • A sponsor from a government agency who will own the outcome of the proposition and/or provide a home for it once delivered.

You can read case studies about some of the amazing projects we’ve help fund – from using anonymised data to detect a disease outbreak, AI avatars at border security, solutions to help small businesses with cyber security and AML, investigating the end of cheque use, and more ….

The upcoming intake has just opened and closes on 4 September. The theme is:

Optimising government payment processes

A significant aspect of delivering public services involves a payment to, or from, a government entity. Sometimes the payment experience is completely different from the service delivery experience, and can result in poor user satisfaction, reconciliation costs, and delays.

We’d like your ideas on how government payments (in or out) could be improved. Specifically, we’re looking for Horizon 1 proposals: the application of existing solutions in new contexts, or configuration change to existing solutions rather than new developments.

Examples of this could include:

  • utilising Westpac pre-paid or virtual card solutions in a government context
  • repurposing or reimagining existing government payment processes
  • new payments solutions to meet emerging or existing needs or to replace legacy payment systems
  • government payment solutions (or related systems) which support those on the margins of society
  • related to payments to or from government to citizens or businesses. 

More information about how to apply is available here:

If you have any questions, drop us a line at

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