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Exciting progress with more on the horizon


Summer is nearly here and if you are anything like me you will be looking forward to getting out and about to enjoy our beautiful country. So much has been crammed into this year and we still have a couple of months to go.

The one thing we have seen this year is how well the Tech sector has dealt with and responded to the current situation. We wait with bated breath to see what focus the new Prime Minister will provide on supporting the fastest growing sector, how many jobs will be created and how much investment will be allocated to it. We are also picking up the discussion around sharing collateral between a Scottish University and one here in Auckland. Watch this space.

We continue to create events both face to face and in a digital context. Last week the event with JAVLN and AWS was a huge success, with some great insights around optimisation. It was fantastic to get together and network in person after so long. We have more events coming up before the end of the year, the first discussing Open Banking and what New Zealand’s unique perspective is. What does it mean for everyday Kiwis? If you fancy getting involved, please get in touch. Up next is our event focusing on Cyber and personal Cyber and what things you should be thinking about as our data is becoming more commercial.

It certainly hasn’t been all doom and gloom. I would like to formally welcome our new members: the Reserve Bank of New ZealandValocity and Yodlee. Welcome, and I am really looking forward to the conversations on how we put the FinTech sector firmly on the radar of our new Government.

The other conversation that is now far more present is around flexible and remote working. The CBD is not as busy, as companies agree with their employees what a new structure looks like for them. With my 4 Day Week hat on, I can share that we are in the process of trying to secure funding to help build the accreditation framework and we are deep in conversation with companies all over the world. This is a game changer, a fantastic employee benefit, increases productivity, reduces stress as well as costs. If you want to know more, please get in touch.

I look forward to engaging with many of you at the upcoming FinTechNZ Annual Meeting next Wednesday 4th. 

I think the run to the end of the year is going to be very social, so follow the basics and we will all have fun.

In the words of Vinnie Jones, “It’s been emotional.”

James Brown
General Manager

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