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Digital Council for Aotearoa New Zealand #weeknotes (29)

We are providing a quick update on activities this week as a break from our usual commentary on what we are hearing from the community and the business sectors.

Our efforts at the moment are focused on our report to the Minister on trust and trustworthiness in automated decision making. We have consulted with various groups over the findings and how these can translate into actions. We are now putting recommendations and the full report together. The release for this will depend on when the new Minister is settled and ready to work through the report with us. In the meantime, we summarised what we heard from our workshops in our recent weeknotes on Honouring digital experiences, hopes and challenges.

Our Chairperson, Mitchell Pham, presented at the online NZ Defence Industry Association conference last week. He observed that there is much digital adoption and innovation happening within the defence space. We are inviting the Ministry of Defence to join our digital alliance as a member of our government stakeholders group, to connect the dots and also share the results of our work across all-of-government.

Mitchell also presented at the Internet Services Providers of New Zealand (ISPANZ) annual summit. ISPANZ is a non-profit, industry group that represents most Internet Service Providers operating in New Zealand. ISPANZ has an interest in delivering the full benefits of the internet to the New Zealand public and our economy. So we will be talking with their members some more next year about digital inclusion.

This week, we are looking forward to meeting with representatives of the supply chain and logistics industry in our Town Hall session. We are aware that the supply chain (importing and exporting) is largely paper based and laborious. Something like 10–20 paper documents are required for each entity and data point. It is also said that 80% of the information required across supply chain entities is common data. Obviously much to talk about in terms of how the flow of data across the supply chain can be fast, efficient, secure and accurate. This will have direct impacts on eCommerce and Digital Marketplaces, as well as the masses of small businesses across our economy.

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