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It was fantastic to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Golden Ticket (GT) program with three companies benefiting from the GT. We are now open for tranche four and welcome applications. We heard from Kernel, Catalist and SuperGenerous on how the program helped them clarify their product and be open to taking on feedback without detracting from the day to day. Awesome job Tim Packer from YouDo, Alphero, Arcanum AI, MinterEllisRuddWatts and it is very exciting to announce new partners to the program as well.

Our joint event with AI Forum was excellent with over 270 people registered. We heard from industry experts Grant Frear from Deloitte, Daniel Locke from IMB Bank and Kris De Coussemaker and colleagues from Sandstone Technology, talking about AI, that it is no longer a futuristic ideal and how COVID has accelerated the digital transformation across financial services with a fantastic live example.

Techweek is something I always look forward to, the range of diverse topics and themes is just amazing and this year was extra special as NZTech won the award for “Best contribution to the New Zealand Tech Sector” this is a great accomplishment and highlights all the great work that each part of the Tech Alliance contributes towards.

Our next event hosted by Jono Soo at Marsh has a topical theme around cyber, Digital and Cyber Risk: Beyond 2020. Most people would have seen the situation with the Waikato DHB, come and hear from Redshield, Marsh, InPhySec and SSS on the importance of good cyber processes and to consider where you or your organisation could be vulnerable. Book your spot now for the 24th of June starting from 5pm.

Have you been experiencing challenges with accessing tech talent, recruiting staff or difficulties with immigration pathways? It’s a known fact that access to tech talent in New Zealand is a key issue. NZTech has launched a survey to capture the specific issues to work with Immigration to enable easier, faster access to tech talent needed to support New Zealand’s digital transformation and economic recovery.  We would appreciate a few minutes of your time to complete the Critical Worker Border Exemption Survey. Data from this survey will help enable necessary improvements.

We are also continuing to support the discussions on the Free Trade Agreement between New Zealand and the UK which will give FinTech an opportunity to export more, as the UK feels the impact of Brexit and COVID. Hong Kong and Singapore are still key markets for New Zealand FinTech’s and we have supported a number of events in order to share what is going on with the New Zealand FinTech scene.

It was great to meet with Judith Collins and discuss in more detail their technology policy, she is fully aware that the long term driver of economic growth is not apples and the party want to be clear on the support they want to provide, hence the reason they are looking at a Technology conference in Auckland later in the year.

If you have any insights or want to run a thought leadership piece on what you are seeing across the ecosystem then please do get in touch, and as always we are here to support you.

James Brown

General Manager


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