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Bringing the freedom of crypto to Kiwis!

The newly launched Binance New Zealand aims to provide a robust platform for Kiwis to trade and build their portfolios. It caters to traders, investors and those interested in the future of Web3.

To help demystify cryptocurrency, Binance has teamed up with Robett Hollis for weekly Crypto Convos. Robett will be busting some of the most common myths about cryptocurrency and helping Kiwis understand more about this exciting industry. 

“Having the world’s leading crypto business registered to operate in New Zealand not only means access to the lowest trading fees, it also means Kiwis can expect to have access to many exciting global product and service innovations happening in this space,” says Ben Rose, General Manager of Binance New Zealand. Ben has previously served as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of local tech company CodeHQ. “The history of fintech innovation in New Zealand is very well known, with one of the earliest and most rapid uptakes of digital transactions in the world,says CZ, Binance founder and CEO.

According to CZ, with New Zealand boasting a rapid increase in digital transactions, the decision to open a New Zealand office was strategic. As a decentralised organisation seeking global regulatory approval, Binance has successfully received licences to operate in several countries this year, including Dubai, France, and Spain.

Last month, Binance New Zealand was registered as a Financial Service Provider. The registration permits Binance to operate in New Zealand and offers a variety of financial services, such as spot trading, NFTs, staking and more.

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