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FinTechNZ – The power of sharing!

As our FinTech landscape continues to evolve, the theme of collaboration and sharing takes centre stage, reminding us of the power that comes from joining forces and exchanging ideas. 

We have a huge amount going on, and at times, I confess I have a hard time keeping up. Looking at our events alone, we have a mix of roundtables, webinars, inbound and outbound delegations, plus partnerships with fellow associations and of course our annual FinTechNZ Hui Taumata. Please watch our event listings online and stay updated on the best opportunities.

This month we’re delighted to showcase recent examples of our collaborative strengths, drawing inspiration from our recent FinTechs for FinTechs Mini Hui and the recent Financial Services Council (FSC) conference. At our Mini Hui, we set out to drill down on building capacity and capability for this mission critical part of the wider ecosystem. It was designed to share insights and provide thought leadership from industry experts. It also sparked many engaging conversations and we look forward to continuing these at our FinTechNZ Hui Taumata on 27 February 2024. 

Meanwhile, we’re considering the current obstacles to innovation and how regulatory powers can overcome them? Please save the date for our FinTechNZ: Innovation Roundtable: Shaping Future Retail Payments on 19 September.

During the last two days I’ve joined over 500 delegates from across the financial services sector at the FSC conference which FinTechNZ supported with a mix of startup product demo presentations, panel sessions and a tech innovation showcase area. This year’s theme, Building Consumer Confidence focused on how the industry can support those who need it most. There was plenty of discussion about the future and tech trends, including AI and ChatGPT and their role in customer interactions. Read more here. 

It’s great to see our community actively engaged in both local and international efforts, exemplifying the spirit of unity and innovation that defines our ecosystem. Let’s continue working together to create a vibrant ecosystem that benefits everyone!

Read the full news here: FinTechNZ – The power of sharing!

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