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Sustainable FinTech news

If you’ve been making waves in fintech ESG, sustainability or impact space, email Jason with ‘Sustainable FinTech news’ in the subject line and a link to your media release or blog, and we’ll include it in our newsletter.

Having been established for a while now, we’re keen to articulate an ESG strategy to incorporate sustainability into the Connect, Promote, Advance ethos of FinTechNZ. Please email Jason  or Leeanna if you’re keen to advise your priorities relating to fintech and sustainability.

 Further to the launch of the Climate Technology Roadmap – we will be undertaking some planning meetings over the next few weeks to devise a plan to get traction on this. You can find out more ahead of our meetup by registering here to join Mark, Mitchell and Leela at Spark on Thursday 21 May, as part of Techweek24, and keep an eye out for our meetup invite.

BlinkPay has partnered with many of New Zealand’s large banks to support open banking. As the first step to an ‘open data’ regime, this step signals progress for those looking for sustainability data. We look forward to tapping into some of the benefits of open banking when these banks have this in place by the end of this month.

We’re looking forward to the breakfast event with the Minister of Climate Change and Revenue, Hon. Simon Watts where he’ll discuss where the country is heading with climate change. Register now for this Financial Service Council event.

It’s also great to see New Zealand FinTech and Climate Tech called out as the demand in this space grows in Singapore – a country that New Zealand FinTech businesses are exporting to as they start their exporting journey across Southeast Asia.Recent findings from the European Environment Agency reveal that Europe is the fastest-warming continent on the planet. Amongst a slew of regulations (refer to p11-12 of the Aotearoa Circle’s report on Protecting New Zealand’s Competitive Advantage, A Snapshot of Global Sustainability Reporting and Trade Trends). Last week, the European Parliament endorsed an agreement establishing a new framework shaping the design, sale and disposal of products, including textiles, furniture, steel and chemicals: the Ecodesign Regulation for Sustainable Products (ESPR). The

ESPR will enter into force in the coming months. Find out how these EU regulations will impact companies here.

If you would like to know more about Sustainable Finance, follow our working group activity here.

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