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Tech high flyer finalist in business award

A high-flying Kiwi tech businessman, who has possibly done more to improve trade ties with Vietnam than any other New Zealander, has been named a finalist in the Auckland University of Technology Business School Excellence awards.
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Kiwi entrepreneurs to cash in on SEAsian markets

The Kiwi Connection Tech Hub is working with NZ businesses, industry and government across multiple initiatives to support 100 Kiwi entrepreneurs, managers and executives to visit major South East Asia markets this year to increase exports, access investment capital and tap into the talent pool that New Zealand lacks.
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UK visit opens doors to global fintech trade

The new national umbrella organisation FinTechNZ has opened the doors for hundreds of Kiwi businesses seeking to trade with United Kingdom companies.
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Fintech about to accelerate New Zealand’s economic growth and international connections

The setup of the national fintech organisation will accelerate New Zealand’s economic growth, tech leader and software services company director Mitchell Pham says. New Zealanders should care about fintech as an exciting new sector because electronic interactions underpin all commerce across the national economy, Pham says.
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FinTechNZ will totally transform the economy

New Zealand’s biggest and smartest financial businesses are coming together with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) around the launch of FinTechNZ, to take place in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland next week. With the support of NZTech, FinTechNZ will bring together innovative companies across the diverse financial services industry, to become key contributors … Continue reading "FinTechNZ will totally transform the economy"
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NZ’s first fintech umbrella organisation to be launched

A New Zealand tech leader today announced an initiative to bring together the national financial technology (fintech) community. Augen Software Group director and NZTech chair Mitchell Pham made the announcement to set up FinTechNZ at the inaugural Finnotec 2016 conference in Auckland today. The event was organised by fintech company SavvyKiwi, whose founder is passionate … Continue reading "NZ’s first fintech umbrella organisation to be launched"