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Digital Nations 2030

Last month, hundreds of delegates met at Digital Nations 2030, to shape the future of digital economies, governments and society. FinTechNZ’s Leigh Flounders facilitated the Future Finance Forum; he shares his event highlights below: One of the most rewarding aspects of travel and interacting with different cultures, is the ability to subconsciously start to make … Continue reading "Digital Nations 2030"
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Engage with the new Government!

With the recent change of Government, we have an opportunity to engage with the new Minister on matters that impact us the most in the financial services and technology communities.
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World Economics Forum, analysis of the outlook for Fintech

Source: www.finextra.com The World Economic Forum has just completed one of the most thoroughgoing studies into the effect of fintech on the financial services industry. Although ‘Beyond Fintech: A Pragmatic Assessment of Disruptive Potential in Financial Services’ isn’t the most imaginative title, the study contains over 150 interviews and accounts of ten international workshop sessions. … Continue reading "World Economics Forum, analysis of the outlook for Fintech"
Research and Trends

2017 KPMG FinTech Report

KPMG’s Pulse of Fintech report highlight’s the key trends and issues impacting the fintech market this quarter, both globally and in key regions around the world.
Research and Trends

World Economic Forum report on FinTech: A pragmatic assessment of disruptive potential in financial services

What innovations have made the most impact on the financial ecosystem since 2014 and which have failed to produce impact? How will innovations impact the ways in which financial services are structured, provisioned and consumed in the future? What implications will innovative ideas have on the broader financial system? The World Economic Forum has released … Continue reading "World Economic Forum report on FinTech: A pragmatic assessment of disruptive potential in financial services"
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FinTech will grow globally through collaboration

Article from www.virgin.com In some ways big business has never been bigger. As Apple surges past an $800bn valuation it’s increasingly clear that a small number of tech companies are monopolising international markets.
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FinTechNZ active in shaping NZ ecosystem

This week, FinTechNZ were party to the release of the Tech Manifesto 2017, the outcome of which, if acted upon by government and industry, will significantly advance the ecosystem for and accelerate adoption of all tech innovation.
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Infographics: global fintech landscape

Article Source: FintechRanking.com Want to see the global fintech landscape summed up in an easy on the eye and effortless to digest infographics? You have come to the right place – this excellent infographics has it all, from the hottest start-ups today and those to watch in 2016 to the most supportive countries and governments as well … Continue reading "Infographics: global fintech landscape"